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The #1 Thing Jamaican Businesses can do now, to leverage 1million Jamaicans on Facebook


Just over a month ago, the Caribbean Tech News site reported that as of mid September there are now 1,000,000 Jamaicans on Facebook. This is a doubling of people on the social network, from almost 5 years ago, on November 23, 2010, when SiliconCaribe reported that  the number of Jamaicans on Facebook was at 500,520 and had an average monthly growth of 35,000 people. Facebook is also the 3rd most visited sites by Jamaicans, behind Youtube at number 1 and Google at number 2.

The Context

Let’s contextualise those numbers. If we’re to use the population figures of  January 2015 estimated to be 2,798,837 people, then Jamaica’s Facebook penetration now stands at 36%. Additionally, the number of Jamaican internet users as of September this year according to our online data source, now stands at 49.7%.

Further, all that within the context of Facebook being the number one Social Network in the world, with 1.49 billion users. These users are not only there to connect with friends and family, but also, to connect with brands that they like and others, recommended by their peers.

Added to that, the internet user trend has been to mobile devices. Facebook reported that over 820 million Facebook users access the platform via their mobile devices. We all know that Jamaica’s mobile penetration is over 100% and Smart phone penetration is now over 60%.

That’s the context. Now to how your business can leverage this.

The #1 Thing Jamaican Businesses can do now to leverage this to grow their business?

Double down on using Facebook to promote your business and organisation. Become an expert or hire one. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, attracting the right individuals or businesses and building a relationship with them, plus building a community around your brand  – is your number one priority.

So how do you do that against the backdrop that as of a year ago, the organic reach of Facebook Business pages has fallen and changes were also made to the News Feed features ? Facebook stated they made these changes, because they saw from their data, that users predominantly want to see content from friends and brands that they enjoy interacting with. Additionally, they’re becoming more of an Online Advertising platform.

  1. Know Yourself – Know Your brand, who is it really for, what makes it useful or how does it fill a real desire for those who have or are yet to have an experience it. If you are already on Facebook, when was the last time you did an audit on where you are with your digital strategy and execution, to see how well you are doing and how you can do better?
  2. Know your customers and fan community better than anyone else in your industry. Are you listening to what they say in the comments, on their profiles to their network? Are you seeing via your analytics what they are spending their time liking, reading and sharing and how are you using this to engage more? When was the last time you asked your Facebook community for their opinion, remember this is an interactive – two way communication platform.
  3. Create useful, distinctive cut through the clutter visual and video content that connects with your community and stays true to the essence of your brand. Treat each Facebook Status Update with the approach of an expert copywriter- because each status is like a mini marketing message communicating everything about your brand and organisation. Additionally, Do you know what are the best times to post and market your content? Social Timing is key to success.
  4. Marketing your content on Facebook more consistently using targeted ad campaigns, sponsored posts, influencer marketing and polls. Do you know, that most of the general online advertising reaches only 27% of its intended audience, while Facebook’s average advertising reach is 91%!
  5. Consistently create a variety of campaigns based on numbers 1-4, that can deliver a steady pipeline of leads…aka potential customers from your Facebook Business Page Community. Note well, that “people who like your Facebook Page spend an average of 2 times more as your customers than people who aren’t connected to you on Facebook.”

Have any questions let me know.

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