How our Business Blog Crashed our Server and Brought New business.

Business Week Wrote about it from 2005.

Ohh the irony, when you’re in the process of evangelising, you have an experience that becomes a great testimonial. What am I talking about? At CONNECTiD we eat our own dog food, so as we have been busy talking about the benefits of blogging for your business and how it leads to increased search engine visibility, increased website traffic, attracting quality leads and driving sales -we’ve been blogging ourselves of course.

Our goal is to excite and educate Caribbean and global brands on how to leverage the internet to grow their business- increase brand visibility in our desired target markets, build relationship with our blog readers, attract quality leads that will convert into new business. We kicked things off by blogging about the Caribbean and social media.

We wrote two blog posts a week ago – the first one was Top 5 most Social Caribbean Countries and 3 Questions Caribbean brands must ask themselves. and the other was  The most common mistake Caribbean brands are still making on Facebook and how to change it. The first one was the reason our servers crashed on this morning.

First we got a warning by email three days ago, then we doubled the bandwidth, left it thinking that was enough, then continued rolling out our online promotion strategy. We woke up this morning to see that dreaded “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message where the site was.

We checked our server, we got on a live chat with our hosting company and we checked our analytics to see what was causing all of this.  The Diagnosis was-it seems you our readers really, really like that blog post on the Top 5 most Social Caribbean Countries and downloaded our branded infographics too. The post was linked back to alot and picked up by a Caribbean and Latin American news site and the shares on Facebook were pretty healthy. So thanks for reading, creating links back to the post and sharing the infographics.

Crashed your servers now. Ask me how!

So what did we do? Why are we so proud about crashing our servers and how you can too? lol.

1. We wrote content – a blog post that was targeted to and relevant to the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora markets. We knew that social media and the Caribbean is a hot topic and based on our research we knew there is lots of room to write content that could educate and excite that market. We also had selected key words, that we figured would add to our Google karma.

2. We posted it on a day and a time we believe matches that of our desired market. Knowing when to publishing your post is just as important as when to post. So yes social timing is important.

3. We made sure the blog post once published, was easily shareable via our social buttons at the start of each post. So readers living what they read could share it with friends and colleagues by email and on social networks.

4. We had an influencer strategy – we made a list of people who we believe would find the post useful and sent it to them with the link back to it and told them if they believe it was useful to their networks then by all means please share them. And they did.

5. We developed a social promotion strategy– we knew our target audience were, so we made a list of the networks, groups, forums and shared the headline and link back to the post. We again used social timing here on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in especially.

6. We observed our website and link analytics to measure click-throughs, website traffic sources, keywords used and more. Then we pushed a bit harder, or added more fuel to the fire, in areas that were already hot.

Our Results

So yes having a business blog can increase website traffic, search engine visibility, attract quality leads and drive sales does work. The results of our two blog posts? We got readers from the target audiences we wanted to reach, we got inquires by phone and email about our services which we is now being converted to new business. We expect to close a deal with a minimum value of US$5,000.

Having a blog for your business is especially a must, for small and medium sizes businesses in the Caribbean and around the world who do not have big brand budgets. It is a must if you want to increases exposure, build relationships with consumers, increase brand loyalty, and gets you in front of influencers who have the attention of your target audience.

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