Social Media can give Jamaican brands a second act in reinventing their Customer Service Culture

indinewsOur Founder Ingrid Riley was interviewed by the Jamaica Gleaner’s Tech Time . They asked “Which technology are you eager to see on the market? “

Her Answer: I want to see social media being used more by Jamaican businesses not just for hype and me-too online contests which only interrupt customers and talk at them like traditional media. I want to see social media technologies including mobile apps, being used to really redefine and develop a closer relationship with customers. Our customer service culture in Jamaica is simply put not good, so social media I believe gives Jamaican businesses and organisations the opportunity for a second act, i hope they take it. Social media as become the defacto platform on which the world now lives, work, play and do business, so adapting to the needs of a more connected consumer is crucial to a business surviving and thriving.”

2 thoughts on “Social Media can give Jamaican brands a second act in reinventing their Customer Service Culture”

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    Rhonda on 11/05/2013

    It’s so true the Caribbean’s customer service can take shape with social media… It is what has changed the way service is viewed in the UK – most customers here use twitter to make complaints and talk about their customer experience – a huge change in a conservative society (just like the Caribbean’s). Comments are instantly heard and dealt with if there’s a problem. Looking forward to seeing more from

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    Ingrid Riley on 12/05/2013

    Thanks Rhonda. And yes Social Media can turnaround our customer service culture from the inside out if they are open and want to remain relevant and growing as a business.

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