Case Study: When a Caribbean Travel Brand Goes Social

JamaicatblogoWe’ve added a few of our select case studies for you to see what we’ve done and for whom. One of them we’re most proud of is Social Media Marketing Strategy & Campaign for Destination Jamaica. In this case study we give you an overview of the Challenge, Strategy and Results.

The Challenge

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is the entity that’s responsible for the Visit Jamaica brand and bringing the millions of tourists to Jamaica each year. In 2010, JTB had relied as usual on traditional marketing – tv ads, billboards, print ads,traditional pr and press junkets.

The global financial crisis in addition to the glaring fact that 70% of all travel decisions and transactions are now being made online: in the United States Jamaica’s largest tourist market 83% of travel planning is done online (TIA); and 70% of consumers trust online recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements. So destinations were now being asked to reinvent fresh ways of gaining mindshare and sales. In 2009, JTB had no digital marketing/ social media presence other than a website and a dormant Twitter account. I was engaged by Geejam Media to lead the digital marketing efforts.  More

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