760,000 Jamaicans Now on Facebook…Here’s the Breakdown by Age group

facebooklikeiconAs we’re taking a look at the trends to watch online and in social media in 2014, we thought let’s take one of our regular checks on the numbers. We start off with Facebook, the largest social network in play now and how many Jamaicans are on there and what are there age group rankings. Here’s what our research yielded -as of today, there are 760, 000 Jamaicans who live in Jamaica on Facebook.

Here’s the breakdown:

Jamaican Teenagers aged 13-19- 192,000 people

Jamaican Twentysomethings aged 20-29 = 300,000 people

Jamaican Thirtysomethings aged 30-39 = 142,000 people

Jamaican Fortysomethings aged 40-49 = 66,000 people

Jamaicans Aged 50 and over = 42,000 people

Source: Facebook.com

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