Current Digital Strategy + Online Presence Working For Your Caribbean Business? 8 Question to Ask Now.

getconnectiddigitalmarketingIf you are like most businesses, you’ve jumped into social media and may have extended your brand’s presence far and wide across the web. You’ve been working on your social media presence for a few months, maybe even longer —but, when was the last time you stopped and asked, how well is it working and am I headed in the right direction?
Maybe it’s time for a Social Media Audit.

A social media audit evaluates your social media efforts and assesses whether specific channels and execution tactics are connecting to the right audiences, aligned with the platform’s context and best practices — it answers the question — am I achieving my business goals?

Here are 8 Questions to ask about your brand’s social media strategy now. It’s an exercise that can provide insight into whether you’re seeing a return on the time and effort invested.


The questions cover branding, profile optimisation, integration, content, engaging your audience, measurement your social media success, overall strategy and understanding the Caribbean social/digital landscape.

1. Overall Digital Strategy
Any decision your brand makes to go social, must be preceeded by the development of a Digital Strategy, which includes an updated customer profile — who they are, where they are and how they prefer to be communicated to; an understanding of the Caribbean Digital Landscape among other things. It’s what we call, the know before you go rule. Other than that, you are merely spraying, praying and hoping for the best. Do you have a Digital Strategy for your brand? Is it time to revisit it and change a few things?

2. Branding
From basic profile information to images, messaging, to voice and tone and overall personality, it’s important to have consistency across every social media touchpoint. How consistent are you being and is your branding matching the context of the platform you are currently using?

3. Profile
On every social media platform your have the unique opportunities to customise, optimise and effectively leverage profile information to better brand your page and make it more searchable. As you know, social media heavily impacts search marketing — is you profile optimised to enhance visitor experience and successfully promote your business and are you reaping the inherent SEO Benefits?

4. Engaging Content
The essence of social media marketing is to share content that is relevant, interesting, informative and entertaining to your audience, in a way that is true to your brand and what it stands for. It’s no secret that specific types of content work better on certain channels — the key is to determine which types of content and networks best align with your business goals, brand personality and where your audience is spending time. Do you have a Content Strategy and is your current one working for you? Your updates can make or break your business.

5. Audience Engagement
A review of current social media efforts will tell you whether your audience is engaging not, it will reveal whether you are effectively communicating with real people and in a real way. Content that connects and authenticity that rocks in the social space, gives the best business results.

By investing the time, energy and tools to cultivate real relationships with customers online, a sustained interaction with customers what will result. Are you seeking fresh ways to engage your audience, your loyal followers and your potential customers?

6. Measurement Your Social Media Success.
The essence of social media marketing is relationship building with customers by being an authentic and approachable brand who has the customers needs and wants at the heart of all it does. So like everywhere else, it takes time to create awareness, build trust and inspire people to act…to buy from you. So you have to give it enough time before you will see good ROI.

That said, measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts of course is crucial to success. It starts with the initial business objectives you set for your business in the beginning. Being clear about what your business wants to accomplish and how will you know when you are successful, are two key things to know, before you go social.

What follows are questions such as – How often are you measuring and why? What part of your social media strategy do you measure? What social media site gives you the most leads? How much time do you put into social media? What types of content gets the most engagement? Are people clicking through to your site? What results am you getting from it? Analyse every part of your social media efforts and know what’s working, and not working for you?

7. Best Practices
Each social media platform requires different content types, audiences, and engagement tactics. What works well for one channel, may not work for another. This is why we say context is crucial to social media success. An analysis of each social media presence along with executional tactics and overall strategy provides insight into whether you’re sharing the best content for your audience on the most strategic networks, at the right time and at the optimal frequency — and how and where you can improve. Is Your Strategy and Implementation based on best practices?

8. Do you have the right data on the Caribbean Context in which you are doing business?
If you are doing business in the Caribbean, then you must have a clear understanding about the relevant trend and stats for the Caribbean Social/Digital Landscape generally and as it applies to your business and competitors. Do you?

If you’d like some help with your social media audit or would like to take your digital/social media strategy to a new level, get in touch and connect with us.
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