Top 5 Reasons We launched Our ContentWorx Service for Caribbean Brands

Top 5 Reasons We launched Our ContentWorx Service for Caribbean Brands

Having been in the Caribbean Digital Agency game for a while, we’ve seen and adjusted to many shifts in the Digital Marketing Space. Being Agile is in our DNA and is a key skill to have if you want to remain successful in the Digital Era. Hence this current move of ours and the reasons behind it.

The Top 5 reasons we launched our ContentWorX, our one-stop shop for digital content production and content marketing service, designed to help your business build its audience, traffic and customer base.


  1. We know that the written word and visuals aren’t going anywhere. Yet, we also know too, that more interactive and immersive experiences ( audio, video, augumented reality for example) have come to join the party in a huge way. These “living” content experiences engage and encourage consumers to take action and spend significant time engaging with your brand, which presents a high opportunity for real conversions.
  2. The customer experience is fueled by content. Over the last few years, content development and content marketing has changed. It was once the side show of Digital Strategy, to now where it’s central and pretty much powers  the entire modern marketing engine. Brands are now recognising the deeper value of content and are putting it front and center of the customer experiences they provide on every channel the occupy.
  3. Research shows that businesses that continuously develop fresh content and do content marketing, generate 400% more leads, 55% more visitors, and 97% more backlinks to their website.
  4. We also been seeing the shift in marketing budgets being spend on content development and content marketing. It’s showing no signs of slowdown either.
  5. We’ve seen it and know that Content and Content Marketing done within the content of a clear and killer digital strategy plus data-driven insights – wins the game for any business.


Take a look at the range of our  Fresh Digital Content and Content Marketing Service, we offer your Caribbean business, a la carte and also through subscription packages.


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