How to hire a Social Media Professional. The Questions + The Red Flags

How to hire a Social Media Professional. The Questions + The Red Flags

I think after my last blog post, this would be a fitting follow up.  My intention for this post is to do my part in raising the bar in the Digital Industry, specifically in the Caribbean Digital Marketing Sector.

I’ve been in the Digital industry for 12 years and a Digital Marketer for nine, I’ve made my share of mistakes and I’ve used my skills and expertise to deliver stunning results and awards for my clients. This is why as the industry continues to grow exponentially ( locally, regionally and globally) and as more Caribbean companies evolve into becoming Digital Businesses, we can all share information that will make us all grow and prosper.

So let’s get into this.

Before you begin the process of hiring a Social Media Consultant/Digital Strategist/Digital Agency – whatever stripe of an individual or company you seek, you need to look at a few areas:

  • As the CEO, C-Suite Executive or Entrepreneur of a Caribbean Business, you need to figure out what you want to accomplish online via Social Media.  Do you want to generate sales?  Increase brand awareness?  Establish thought leadership for yourself or company? Connect with a specific demographic?  Giving it some thought to what you want to accomplish via your social media efforts will make the rest of the process smoother internally and when you seek to engage a Digital Professional or Digital Agency. And whiles yes a Digital Strategist/Agency can help you gain greater clarity with this, no one knows what your business objectives better than you.


  • What are your human resources?  How many people can work on your social media efforts?  If you have a team of 2 or 5 people ready to roll ? The level of assistance you will need will be dependent on the size of your company and the size of  the internal team you had to commit to this.  One you are clear on that, any shortcomings in terms of number of people and level of expertise resident inside your company will determine  who you hire  or how you outsource to an agency like ours or a consultant.  Either way, it will costs your company money. And I know that I don’t have to persuade you on the fact that becoming a Digital Business, a Social Business is 100% necessary if you like the idea of growing and remaining in business.
  • How long is your project going to be?  You probably can’t pin this down exactly without talking to a Digital Agency or Consultant first, but it helps to give some thought to this.
  • When you contact a consultant or agency, they should be asking you questions as well.  They should want to know why you want to use social media, what are you trying to accomplish. If you’re already online and Social, then they should ask questions about your successes, frustrations to get a sense of where you are and where you want to go. If they try to give you prices, packages or push you toward using a particular tool without asking you questions, that is a red flag.

This initial contact with a true Digital Marketing Professional should be heavily skewed to you being questioned and them listening.They really can’t give you prices until they know more about your company, your resources, and what you are wanting to accomplish. So it stands too, that they cannot give you a ball park figure on how much it’s going to cost if they don’t know the status of your current Digital Efforts.

Even if you contact them and tell them you need prices on creating and launching a blog or running an online advertising campaign, they should still ask you some relevant questions to determine if you do need a blog or online advertising to reach your intended business goals for your social media strategy.

We know at times you may be in a hurry, but you have to ask yourself this question, you want it done right and to yield the best results or not. If the answer it’s yes, just remember, everything is a process.