Top 10 Reasons To Hire Us


#1. Social Media Strategy and Team Execution for an Entire Country ? – Yep, Done that!

Since our Chief Digital Strategist Ingrid Riley has developed and implemented a Digital Strategy  for an entire country, then trained and operationalised a team, to implement it to win awards for client. We’re  confident we can handle your Caribbean business.

We are the only ones in Jamaica (individual strategists or agency) and one of five in the Caribbean with the resident expertise and experience of creating and executing a social media strategy & plan for an entire country.

In partnership with Geejam Media, founded by Jon Baker, our founder and chief digital strategist Ingrid Riley, created the strategy/plan for the Visit Jamaica brand online for the Jamaica Tourist Board. She hired, trained and led a team to execute on the plan for 3 years. It led to many firsts locally, regionally and internationally as well as other mind share and bottom-line results for the Jamaica Tourist Board. Read the Case Study

#2. We have Strong domain knowledge of Digital Marketing in Travel and Technology Industries.

#3. We have 3 National Blogger Awards, 1 Regional Blogger Award (client side) and 1 Innovation in Media Award. In fact we’ve written a blog post that crashed our servers and brought new business. See the story here

#4.  Ingrid Riley has been in the tech Industry for over 10 years in roles such as a consultant, entrepreneur, Award-winningCaribbean Startup Ecosystem Pioneer, Award-winning Caribbean Tech Blogger. Add to that 9  years in the Digital Marketing field.

#5. getConnectiD is boutique and just our non-conformist selves. We are easy to reach and enjoy person contact with our clients. In digital agency speak, that means we’re high touch, results driven and focused on delivering value to our clients.

#6.  Much of our business are referrals. Have you seen the selected Case Studies.

#7. Awarded: Founder Ingrid Riley was recognised as a “Game Changer” and given a PSOJ/Jamaica Gleaner 50Under50 Business Leader award. It was an award for the social mission of ConnectiMass to increase tech entrepreneurship and the number of Caribbean Startups started in 2007.

#8.  Have Internet, expertise will travel! We were born in Kingston, Jamaica but our team operates largely virtually and globally serving clients in the Caribbean and Globally.

#9. Living Social. Over half of our team have Klout scores over 60, blogs regularly and have an average of 1,000 Twitter Followers. Outside of Ingrid, there is a core collection of world-class expertise– Strategists, Developers, Designers, Writers connected online, by mobile and apps.

#10. I love to share what we know with you in workshops, at conferences, in our digital publications and through our webinars.

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Email: Ingrid at getconnectid dot com.