The results of Social Media Marketing takes time, because the Revenue is in the Relationship! #socialcaribe

Yes  the returns from Social Media takes time! Simply, because it is about building relationship with customers and who they are now- their problems, preferences and expectations – and there is no shortcut to building a relationships that result in community around your brand. The thing is, that once you have developed that relationship, the 

What’s The Role of Your Caribbean Business In the Age of the Connected and Empowered Consumer ?

“In the Age of the Connected, Informed and Empowered Consumer, now more than ever Caribbean businesses need to engage with their current and potential customers, engage with them where they are online and get to know who they are now in this Social World. This is the first step in building long and strong customer 

2 Common Mistakes that are ruining Your Social Media Strategy and the Solutions

Without question, Social Media marketing can be a very overwhelming thing. Between understanding how to strategically position your company to become more of a social business, it’s very hard to keep abreast of existing platforms and their changes, new platforms and what it means for your business, measuring and management tools, industry shaking trends that