Digital Content

 Your Content Connects and Converts People to Customers

Without question, your content benefits your business in many ways. From knowing what your customers want and like, it drives engagement with them, makes you stand out from your competitors, establishes thought leadership and your website’s keyword-rich copy draws relevant organic traffic.

So whether your business goal is for Exposure, Email sign-ups, Leads & Sales – A Digital Content Marketing Strategy will show you how to leverage videos, blogs, email newsletters, podcasts, infographics, SEO and social media, to achieve your goals.


Because Content Development + Distribution Wins the Online Game.

Type of Content
Source of Content – live, archived, curated, created
Timing of Content
Platform Context


  Your Content Connects and Converts Surfers to Customers

Digital Content Marketing focuses on creating and distributing content that creates a connection and builds a relationship with your target audience.

The goal of  Digital Content Marketing Strategy is to show you – how to have your content be so distinctive that it cuts through the online clutter, creates an emotional connection, spark great conversations, build brand awareness and visibility. This will eventually result in moving customers to action, to buy your products.


The First Step

To get started, your first step is to schedule a free 30 min. getting-to-know-you call where Ingrid can meet you and your business. She’ll get on this call with you and you can tell her where you’re at and what you want to do. She will them tell you, how she and her team can help you and your business.

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