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Develop Genuine Relationships that Yield the Best Business Results.

Just a little while back, a Digital PR Strategy was all about bloggers and social media influencers. Now Digital PR now also means, getting stories about you and your business into influential niche and major online outlets.

It ranges from building brand affinity online and offline via digital influencers to connecting with a blogger, columnist, journalist from these online media outlets and having them write about your or your product. Further it also no includes, an article written by you or your PR agency and it being published or positioned as a Sponsored Post somewhere where your current and potential customers spend their time.  And let’s not forget about online reputation management.


     Become a Digital Media Darling with an Envious Online Rep

Knowing who are the right person and the right online media outlet for your brand, how to find them, verify and communicate with them is a necessary for digital influence and online reputation management. Everyday Internet users are barraged with more noise and content, digital influencers and online media outlets can help you brand connect to relevant online communities of followers – that can extend the reach of your message and resonate.

Our Digital PR Strategy for your business – identifies, verifies and recommends the best influencers, the most relevant media outlets and tactics that matches your business, target audience and online/offline goals.


The First Step

To get started, your first step is to schedule a free 30 min. getting-to-know-you call where Ingrid can meet you and your business. She’ll get on this call with you and you can tell her where you’re at and what you want to do. She will them tell you, how she and her team can help you and your business.

Email Ingrid now to get started. ingrid @ getconnectid dot com.

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