Digital Marketing Strategy

Start with a Master Plan for Digital Action


While a culture of experimentation and being nimble is necessary because of how fast things change online, we believe Knowledge is Power and a having a Strategy Blueprint that is based on data, trend insights and global best practices is better for you business.  That’s if you plan on winning with customers and outrunning your competition.

So, let us help you make the best marketing decisions for your business with a Digital Strategy Blueprint – A Plan of Digital Action.


Don’t take Your business Online unless you have a Plan.

Digital + Social Media Audit
Customer Research
Industry Trend Research
Recommended Tactics
Success Metrics


Create a Master Plan of Digital Action

We create a customised Digital Marketing Strategy Blueprint – a master plan of digital action –that is a a definitive plan that guides your business to doing what, how and when online that gives the best results.

Your comprehensive plan covers Social Media, Mobile-First, Website SEO, digital content, email marketing and more – is targeted to current and new customers and whether you are just launching,seeking to grow or do things differently.

When you do Digital the right way, you meet and surpass the ever-changing customer expectations in this Attention Economy, create the greatest impact and get the best return on your marketing dollar.

A Digital Strategy Blueprint is an excellent tool for Small Business Owners, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Brand Strategists, Marketing and Brand Managers who want to move smart and fast online.


The First Step

To get started, your first step is to schedule a free 30 min. getting-to-know-you call where Ingrid can meet you and your business. She’ll get on this call with you and you can tell her where you’re at and what you want to do. She will then tell you, how she and her team can help you and your business.

Email Ingrid now to get started. ingrid @ getconnectid dot com.