GraceKennedy Foods


The Challenge

Times Have Changed. The Consumer is in Charge.
We understand that traditional media strategies are no longer working for you as they used to. Why? Audiences, your customers are spending less time with traditional media, they have more choices and they have changed the way they like to engage with brands like Grace Foods of the Caribbean Conglomerate GraceKennedy Group.

Consequently, traditional media is suffering from fragmentation and lower levels of engagement. Enters Digital Media which uses digital distribution channels such as your website, social networking, online advertising email and other tools to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and measurable manner.

So it is a time for – Connecting, Collecting and Perfecting relationships with your consumers…BUT on THEIR TERMS. It is a Time for an approach that favors Attraction & Attention | Permission | Engagement | Conversation.

What GraceKennedy Foods needs to be doing at this time is:
– To be Where Customers are Spending Most of their Time-Online.
– To Spend More Time engaging and having a conversation with your consumers in digital media platforms and spending
less Money throwing messages at them in traditional media.
-To be in a Digital Marketing Environment where almost everything is Measurable. It’s a space to experiment, try new
things and observe results. So when online marketing activities turn into leads, opportunities and sales, you will know
exactly what activity to do again because you are monitoring and measuring.

1. To create and implement a Digital Media Strategy foundation that put Grace Kennedy Foods (GK) brands in the minds
and hands of the Generation Y market at home and in the US, UK, Canadian Diaspora, to ensure continuity of GK
goodwill, brand affinity and product sales that now exists with the company’s current customer base.
2. To Engage the Generation Y market at home and in the US, UK, Canadian Diaspora connecting with them, collecting
data from them and perfecting a relationship with them, wherever they are online and on the go using digital marketing
strategy and tools.
3. To use the pivotal sporting events of the annual GK/ISSA Boys & Girls Championships (Jamaica)

Some of the Pillars were:

1. – Social network where Caribbean Sports Champions meet Caribbean Sports Fans.
2. Facebook Competitions
3. Facebook Groups, Event and Pages
4. Brandable Fashion
5. My Soundtrack for CHAMPS
6. Shelly Ann Fan Cam Video
7. You Tube Channel / Fit for a Champion SPORTSFAN COOKING CHALLENGE video
8. Online Advertising


These are some of the quantitative and qualitative results.

1. GraceKennedy Foods became the first company to launch a social media marketing campaign of this magnitude and in 2009 when it wasn’t sexy to be social, certainly not in the Caribbean.

2. GraceKennedy Foods became the first brand to launch a sports focused social network called

3. A 30 day long Facebook Promotions generated 65.18% spike in traffic to the Sports Network spiked 65.18% with the Average time spent on the site by visitors was 5.18 minutes.

4. Facebook Ad Campaign During that 30 day period the ad received 1,229,599 ad impressions + 1,150 clicks throughs.

5. The launch of first Shelly Ann Fraser Official Facebook Member profile and Fan pages. They went live on
Wednesday March 25th, 2009. She has since gone on to win 100 and 200 min gold in the 2012 Olympics.


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