Susies Bakery and Coffee Bar


The Challenge 

Susie’s Bakery and Coffee Bar is a mom and pop driven  eat, drink, party, network and hangout spot in Kingston known for its great customer service and its Mojito Mondays. But with teh rise of a cafe culture, it had come face to face with some competition.

The Goal

They wanted to raise the brand’s visibility online and amongst a younger audience. The goal is to continue to connect with their diverse audience online and create new ways to connect with customers and build awareness to encourage new ones.

The Strategy

– Set up and branding of their Facebook Fan Page, Twitter handle @susiesbakery and putting them on FourSquare.
– Having weekly Mayor giveaways and deals based on FourSquare checkins.

The Results

After three months Susie’s has a growing Fan base on Facebook, active and chatty followers on Twitter and is number one restaurant, coffee shop and bar on FourSquare in Jamaica. It has growing young and mobile customer base, ongoing Mayor’s Specials and in store playful fights over the Mayorship, plus tips from loyal regulars.
We handed over to Susie’s internal team after 90 days.